Precise Covid -19 Swab & Viral Test

COVID-19 Rapid Swab Virus Test

PML Offers the Rapid COVID-19 Test


In accordance with the FDA guidelines, only patients who have COVID-19 symptoms or who have had a confirmed COVID-19 exposure may get the rapid test.


Patients who are currently experiencing COVID-19 symptoms, or who have had a known virus exposure are eligible for the rapid test. We will also perform a PCR virus swab test to ensure accuracy. The rapid test we use is Access Bio Kits to detect SARS-CoV-2 antigen, In which we believe is the most accurate same-day test on the market. Results within 15 minutes.



Are you coming from a hotspot, visiting family, or a suspected exposure alone does not warrant a rapid COVID-19 test? The FDA approve the test we use requires that only patients who are experiencing symptoms of COVID-19, or who have had a proven exposure, be given the rapid test. Per the CDC, the PCR virus swab tests offer the most accurate results for those who are not experiencing symptoms. These tests provide results in 2-4 days.


Only cash, credit or debit accepted for the rapid test. We also accept insurance for the PCR virus swab test.


PML accepts most insurance plans (PPOs, Medicare, and the Advocate hospital system HMO). If you do not have medical insurance, you may receive the COVID-19 virus swab test FREE under the (CARES) Act. Patients who have an insurance plan we do not accept, such as Medicaid, may self-pay $250 for the examination and COVID-19 swab test. If the patient also wants a rapid test, an additional $150 will be charged at the time of service.


The PCR swab test will be sent to a lab. Those results will be available in approximately 2-4 days.

How Reliable Are the Rapid Tests?


This is because if you are positive for COVID-19 with the rapid, it could be a false positive. Likewise, if you are negative with a rapid test, it could turn out that your PCR is positive, and you do have COVID-19. This is why it is important to continue to isolate even after the rapid if you are having symptoms.


Appointments for COVID-19 PCR Swab Tests can be made here. IF YOU QUALIFY for a rapid test, you may request that test be done in addition to your PCR Swab Test when we arrive for your appointment.